Garden Counting 3: Cucumbers! Peppers! And a Surprise Visitor

Garden Counting 3: Cucumbers! Peppers! And a Surprise Visitor

Today was a small-patch cucumber-lover’s dream as we netted 11 in all. And as far as peppers go, it was a pretty good haul, too: 4 different varieties, 31 peppers in all. What we picked today: 11 cucumbers, 1 yellowbar zucchini, 6 shishito peppers, 3 Hungarian wax peppers, 5 hot red peppers (I think jalapenos that turned red), 17 small (jalapeno?) peppers. The red and green chiles were from seedlings two years ago, see below. The little pickers also found 2 grape tomatoes and 3 tiny strawberries.


The small green peppers and the red peppers, well, I have no idea what the variety is for each. The plants were propagated from seed two years ago. As seedlings, we thought they were goners, so we just stuck them in a pot and hoped for the best. Truthfully we kind of forgot about them. Well, they survived the cold winters and hot summers outside, two years over. We put them in the peppers section of the garden and they are now thriving. But I have no idea what kind they are. So if someone can fill me it, that would be great. The red peppers have the shape of a typical jalapeno, and taste like it, too. But the small green ones I can’t pinpoint. I cut off the tips and tasted one and it was medium-hot. It was hot, but not burning. I’m going to let the next round of the small guys redden to see if that changes anything. They all were about an inch long, and no more. They look like perfect old-fashioned Christmas lights.


Our surprise visitor wasn’t really a welcome one at all. And usually they are fond of tomato plants. Today, I found a tomato hornworm on a pepper plant. Apparently, they aren’t discriminatory. It was soon flicked over the fence into the dry wilderness to fend for itself.


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