Garden Counting 2

Garden Counting 2

Today we picked some things from the garden for our lunch and dinner: cucumbers, sliced, to go along with our sandwiches; zucchini and goldbar squash, grilled, to be served with burgers. 4 large zucchini – the largest will be saved for a zucchini bread later this week; 2 goldbar squash; 6 cucumbers; 3 tiny strawberries. Nice haul from the garden this morning.



The corn is thriving, and my little photographer took these shots herself of the tops agains the sun.

corn-sky corn-sky-2

The green bean flowers are all blossoming, and we found many new little beans growing, too.

green-beans green-bean-flowers

The sunflower seeds look gorged – they are so swollen. They seem to be too heavy to follow the sun.


And the carrot tops are growing taller each day.